8040 Receiver (DOORKING)

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The 8040 sends the transmitter codes to a access controller (such as a DKS 1830 Series System) in wiegand format. This receiver can also be programmed as a stand-alone device. It is also ideal for solar-powered applications as it has an extremely low power draw while in stand-by mode.

  • Provides remote operation of vehicular access gates from the safety and convenience of a vehicle
  • Over 1,000,000 transmitter codes available
  • PROXmtr™ includes a built in proximity card with the MicroCLIK transmitter combining both RF and card access control into a single compact unit
  • Transmitters available with 1, 2 or 3 buttons
  • MicroCLIK® RF controls may be used as a stand-alone access control system or can be interfaced with 26 or 31-bit wiegand controllers
  • HomeLink® compatible
  • Primarily used as a 26, 30 or 31-bit wiegand output receiver
  • Can be set for stand-alone operation, 100 codes maximum
  • Low power mode for solar-powered operation
  • Can be used with MicroClik or MicroPlus transmitters
  • Form C relay.
  • 12-24 volt AC or DC.

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