8066 MicroCLIK One Button Transmitter (DOORKING)

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8066-080 MicroClik
1,000,000 codes available
Available with 1, 2 or 3 buttons
PROXmitters include built in proximity access card
Powered with a 12-volt, type 23A battery (replaceable)
Key ring included with transmitters
PROXmitters combine the MicroCLIK transmitter with a built
in proximity tag
PROXmitters are available with DK Prox, AWID, HID or RF
Logistics proximity tag
Optional visor clips are available
MicroCLIK one button transmitter. Gray case with black button, used only with Doorking MicroCLIK receivers. Note: If a special facility code and/or start # is requested, and there is an additional charge of $3.00 List price per transmitter.
10 unit minimum