Windshield Tag AT5402 (TRANCORE)

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The AT5402 Access Control Tag is a half frame, beam-powered radio frequency (RF) tag used in automatic vehicle identifications with TransCore’s Amtech-brand and TransCore Encompass multiprotocol reader systems. This tag is designed for interior mounting on a nonmetallized windshield.

The AT5402 Access Control Tag is factory-programmed, as specified by the customer, and stores up to 10 six-bit alphanumeric characters of customer data (60 bits ATA tag memory).

The AT5402 Access Control Tag, in conjunction with TransCore Encompass readers, enables advanced security techniques that ensure a tag’s authenticity while preventing data corruption and/or alteration. In addition, tag cloning, spoofing, copying, or duplicating is prevented. The AT5402 Access Control Tag supports factory programming of fixed data fields that are locked at the factory and cannot be reprogrammed. Agency-programmed fixed data fields optionally can be locked by the agency after programming using password-protected programming equipment.

Product Features:

  • Supports Super eGo® (SeGo), eGo and ATA protocols
  • Non-battery for extended service life
  • 2048-bit read/write memory
  • Read/write capability in SeGo mode
  • Compatible with multiple Amtech®-brand readers and TransCore® Encompass® multiprotocol readers
  • Data encryption and authentication
  • Impact resistant, molded plastic case
  • Slim profile
  • Wiegand programming available
  • Interior mounting on non-metallized windshield

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