Emergency Override Key Switches (KNOXBOX)

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Gated communities, apartment complexes, parking garages, pedestrian gates and industrial receiving areas are just a few applications of the Knox® electric override key switch. It can be ordered with single or dual key options for fire, EMS and law enforcement access. Two different models

Please provide install address at time of order.

Features and Benefits
  • Fire, EMS or law enforcement identification labels
  • One position, two position or momentary switch
  • Face plate and lock cover ensure weather resistant operation.
  • Highly reflective operation decal

Note: This product must be approved by specific Fire Department of installation address*, as Knox Box is keyed to specific agency for key access. Not all products are available in all jurisdictions. Knox Box is keyed to specific agency for key access and is not eligible for returns.
*Please include installation address in order notes or email to orders@trinitygate.com.
Orders cannot be processed without installation address, cancellation fee may apply.

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