KnoxVault 4400 - Maximum Capacity (KNOXBOX)

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• Share access with dual lock capability
• Store up to 50 keys, access cards, or entry items
• UL 1037, UL 1610, UL 1332, UL 437
• Highest security when equipped with optional alarm tamper alert
• Built Knox-Rugged
• Available in 3 colors
• Recess Mounting Kit recommended for new concrete or masonry construction
• Allows rapid property access
• Reduces property damage
• Prevents forced entry
• Meets UL Listing standards
• Minimizes first responder injury
• Compliant to National Fire Code
KnoxVault enables shared access with dual-lock capability so first responders can immediately gain access to:
• Commercial buildings
• Schools and campuses
• Retail
• Industrial buildings
• Government buildings
• Multi-residential communities
• Secure community pools
• Healthcare and medical centers
• Hospitality venues
• And much more!
Note: This product must be approved by specific Fire Department of installation address*, as Knox Box is keyed to specific agency for key access. Not all products are available in all jurisdictions. Knox Box is keyed to specific agency for key access and is not eligible for returns.
*Please include installation address in order notes or email to
Orders cannot be processed without installation address, cancellation fee may apply.
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