AM-CRI Card Reader Interface (LINEAR)

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The AM-CRI is a card reader that will support one or two 26-bit, 30-bit, or 31-bit Wiegand input devices. If the readers used have a hold or buffer connection, two readers may be used to the AM-CRI. If the readers do not have a hold or buffer connection, one reader may be used with the AM-CRI. Usually mounted near the readers, the AM-CRI interface connects to the control unit through a PBUS cable. Each reader connects to the AM-CRI through a six-wire (one LED in reader) or seven-wire (two LEDs in reader) cable.


For equipping a Linear access control system with one or two Wiegand devices Card Reader Interface can be used with up to two 26, 30, or 31-Bit Wiegand input devices Power is supplied by system controller or external source for locally powered readers 4.45″ W x 5.75″ H x 1.5″ D Order number: ACP00717

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