SlideSmart CNX - Operator (HYSECURITY)

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Chain drive slide gate operator with advanced connectivity. SlideSmart CNX is the most capable of its kind and the first to offer a robust smartphone app to simplify installation. 

  • Brushless DC motor technology, solid state limit sensors, and direct drive power train for superior control
  • Standard battery backup to keep gates moving up to 100 cycles, with battery upgrades for up to 450 cycles
  • Over 70 user configurable settings to meet site specific requirements
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity for setup. HyNet technology for remote monitoring, management, and maintenance

SlideSmart CNX 15

Drive Electromechanical
24V Brushless DC motor with direct drive gear train.
Horsepower Equivalent to 1/2 hp
Duty Cycle Continuous
Gate Weight (Maximum)
1,500 lb. (680 kg.)
Gate Length (Maximum) 50 ft. (15 m.)
Rate of Travel 0.75, 1 or 1.25 ft./s (23, 30 or 38 cm/s)**
Open/Close speed set independently
Solar Solar ready for 24V panels
Input Voltage  Switch select 115V or 208-230V, 60/50 Hz
Solar: 24V solar panels*

* 60 Watt minimum 24VDC solar panel (or two 12V - 30W panels wired in series), not included but required for solar operation. Visit or call for information on solar panel size calculations.

** Speed setting cannot be configured to exceed 1 ft./s for Class I and II usage.

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