HyNet Gateway Discontinued (HYSECURITY)

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HyNet™ provides intelligent perimeter control with real time connection to a HySecurity intelligent operator that communicates breach and system malfunctions via built in web interface, Web Services API or SNMP

  •  Easily integrate your gate with Security Platform for complete perimeter security. HyNet communicates to the Security Platform, in real time, potential breach or operational issues with the access control point.
  • Provide a single communications and power source for access control and perimeter detection. Reduces redundancy and vulnerability. Includes operator, safety, loop, CCTV, fence detection, microwave and any other IP-addressable device.
  • Communicates critical gate system operational and breach conditions in real time by drawing information from HySecurity Smart Touch and Smart DC gate operator intelligence.
  • Respond appropriately to events and alerts intelligently, quickly, and in real time with the confidence that your response is suitable to the threat.
HyNet Gateway
  • Remotely monitor the gate operator / security barrier
  • Remotely program your access control point
  • Control your HySecurity operator from your Security Platform
  • Remotely update software to your operator
  • Troubleshoot gate errors and faults
  • Review events and alerts
  • Check Cycle Count
  • View video from IP Camera

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