LMTBUL Monitored Through Beam Photo Eyes (LIFTMASTER)

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Monitored Through Beam Photo Eyes with wider beam

  • Long Range Sensing distance up to 90 ft.
  • Meets UL 325 Safety Standards.

UL Listed

Tested to the most stringent UL 325 industry guidelines. Secondary entrapment devices need to be added to meet UL325 standards. Your Installer will recommend suitable secondary entrapment devices for your installation, such as photo eyes or edge sensors.

Simple Installation

Increased beam angle with alignment strength indicator for simple, reliable alignment.  Steel sensor hood and durable polyethylene reflector hood, 10 ft. wire, brackets and mounting hardware included.

Easy Use In Most Environments

Long range sensing distance up to 90 ft.  Built-In heater for dependable performance in most environments.  NEMA 4X rated for superior weather resistance.

Outdoor Rating Nema 4X Heater Thermostatically controlled, NOT recommended for solar applications
Cable Length 10 ft. (3 m) Operating Temperature -40 ̊C to 65 ̊C (-40 ̊F to 149 ̊F)
Max Range 90 ft. (27.4 m) Sensor Dimensions with Hood 2.45”W x 4.6” H x 2.76” D


Product information provided by liftmaster.com

To meet UL 325 compliance, Liftmaster-branded accessories must be used with LiftMaster UL 325 compliant operators.
This accessory works with the following LiftMaster UL 325 compliant operators:

SL3000UL SL585UL SL595UL