S800H Swing Gate Operator (FAAC)

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The  Model S800H was designed for in-ground installation so as not to detract from the appearance of the gate. 

• Hybrid technology
• Integrated high resolution encoder for precise control of the operator position
• 100 ° and 180 ° opening angle versions
• Opening/Closing mechanical stops integrated
• Easy handling and installation thanks to the integrated handles
• Maximum safety thanks to the E024U control board reverse on contact feature
• Built in battery backup to ensure operation in case of power outage
• SBW version for use in areas subject to strong winds
• Compliant with UL325 for Class I,II,III and IV applications

FAAC S800H  Hydraulic 24V Swing Gate Operator Features:

  • Continuous use
  • Max weight of leaf (1760 lbs) (800 kg)
  • Max width of leaf (13ft) (4m)
  • Maximum anti-crushing safety and reverse function on obstacle thanks to the magnetic encoder
  • Built-in positive stops
  • HYBRID technology - combines the advantages of hydraulic technology with that of 24V: sturdiness, high performance, reliability over time, speed control
  • Built-in handles for ease of handling and installation
  • Invisible installation
  • Minimized "pinch points"
  • Reverse on contact
  • Operates even in case of power failure (subject to battery condition)
  • Slow down "soft stop"
  • Built-in positive stops (minimum leaf opening of 135° for 180 version)
  • Magnetic Encoder
  • OPTIONS: 110° or 180° opening
  • Stainless Steel load bearing box available
Kit Includes:
  • Operator, Support Box, E024U Control Panel, 14 x 16 in. Enclosure, Power Supply, Manual Release, Batteries, Splined Shaft (optional Stainless Steel load bearing box)

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FAAC S800H 24V Manual

FAAC S800H 24V Brochure